Jul 8, 2014

YTB stock is revoked, all issued stock is officially worthless

The SEC this morning revoked YTB's listing on any exchange citing failure to file any reports since 2011 and has revoked the listing rendering any stock issues prior to today completely worthless!

This Initial Decision revokes the registrations of the registered securities of ATS
Corporation, Clear Skies Solar, Inc., Debut Broadcasting Corporation, Inc., Physicians Healthcare  Management Group, Inc., Technipower Systems, Inc. (a/k/a Solomon Technologies, Inc.), Theater  Xtreme Entertainment Group, Inc., WorldGate Communications, Inc., and YTB International, Inc.  (a/k/a 1803 International, Inc.) (collectively, Respondents). The revocations are based on  Respondents’ repeated failure to file required periodic reports with the Securities and Exchange  Commission (Commission).

YTB International, Inc. (a/k/a 1803 International, Inc.) (CIK No. 852766), is a Delaware
corporation located in Wood River, Illinois, with a class of securities registered with the
Commission pursuant to Exchange Act Section 12(g). The company is delinquent in its periodic  filings with the Commission, having not filed any periodic reports since it filed a Form 10-Q for the  period ended September 30, 2011, which reported a net loss of $668,000 for the prior three months.  On March 1, 2013, the company filed a Chapter 11 petition in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the  Southern District of Illinois, and although the Court approved and ordered the sale of all the  company’s assets to Jamraval, Inc., the case was still pending as of March 10, 2014. As of May 1,  2014, the company’s stock (symbol “YTBLQ”) was quoted on OTC Link, had ten market makers,  and was eligible for the “piggyback” exception of Exchange Act Rule 15c2-11(f)(3).  
the REGISTRATION of the registered securities of YTB International, Inc. (a/k/a 1803
International, Inc.), is REVOKED. 
Which probably explains the new partnership with Pro Travel Network. Seems like Scott Tomer and Chris Cokley are back in business after running YTB into the ground and hoping that a fresh batch of gullible, desperate people will join.

Apr 24, 2013

More Info On The Fallout Between YTB and First Travel Alliance

We have obtained an email sent by Jeff Scott, president of First Travel Alliance regarding the recent split from YTB.

As predicted more than a year ago, it appears to be the questionable business practices of YTB that has unraveled yet another deal.  According to this email, First Travel Alliance received the commissions from vendors and passed them along to YTB who, in turn, re-directed the payments to key directors (recruiters), founders, and executives.  This is textbok ponzi scheme--take money from the new entrants to pay off the liabilities of the older ones.

The email alludes that YTB changed the booking engine from FTA's to their latest Travelocity managed one without any type of notice to FTA and simply with an announcement to the RTAs.

Now it seems that FTA is looking to publicly set the record straight and is trying to retain or convert as many RTAs into their host program--a more traditional model. The email highlighted that YTB was charging the high fees which are unnecessary to sell travel via the FTA program.

Jeff Scott is currently out of the country, but we have reached out to him for comment.

Hello Everyone 
I wanted to keep the lines of communication open and be crystal clear as we move through this transition from YTB. First and foremost, I wanted to apologize to all of you that have had your business disrupted by this unfortunate turn of events and for the turmoil it may have caused in your lives. All of us at First Travel Alliance want your career in travel to be enjoyable, fun and financially rewarding. We know you don’t need this kind of aggravation. 
We have heard, and you will continue to hear the untruths and inconsistencies from those leading the diversion away from the real issues. These strategies have been used many times over the years with several of the businesses YTB International has attempted but failed to do business with. We are not saying YTB itself has made these assertions, but we understand that some directors have made incorrect or untrue statements. 
We need to clear the air on a couple of issues that have surfaced over the last two weeks. First and foremost, YTB, not First Travel Alliance, is delinquent in payments of commissions to RTA’s. YTB has apparently continued to divert funds that were scheduled to be paid to RTA to other members and to pay executive and founder salaries. This diversion of funds continued the non-current payment status they are in today. 
Speaking of commissions, let’s talk about payment of commissions. For the last year you have been paid through YTB on travel booked through First Travel Alliance. YTB has been in control of the payments and when those payments were paid out. In fact, YTB has been paid over $4.0 million in revenue from vendors and revenue received by First Travel Alliance passed through to YTB for payments of commissions. Unfortunately, we do not know when, how much or to whom they have paid commissions. YTB has either retained or received payment for all commissions owed to you. We will continue to encourage YTB to pay you the commission money it has received from First Travel Alliance for commissions earned through March 31, 2013.Starting with commissions received from vendors on or after April 1, 2013, First Travel Alliance will pay commissions directly to First Travel Alliance agents for those commissions received from April 1, 2013 onward. The first direct commission payments will be made on May 25, 2013. First Travel Alliance is assuring those who have travel booked, but commission not yet received, that First Travel Alliance will pay those commission timely and in full. For example, if you currently have a group cruise booking that sails in September, First Travel Alliance will pay that commission to you directly the month after the commission is received from the vendor and you will no longer have YTB as the middle manIn addition, First Travel Alliance will not continue YTB’s prior policy of stretching commission payments over several months based on the date travel occurs, which YTB implemented years ago in an effort to catch up on commission payments (by delaying some of them). We will pay your commissions in the month after they are received. 
As you may have noticed, YTB recently redirected your travel portals to a new booking engine, but rest assured that we are addressing that through the proper channels and expect to have that corrected promptly. While we expect to have a bump or two in the road because of YTB’s actions, we look forward to focusing exclusively on travel and continuing to provide you with the best travel products available. 
Now let’s move to the more positive side of this note. We have and always will take great pride in our ethics and integrity in this industry. First Travel Alliance is strong and expanding rapidly with agents that are true sellers of travel. We are very interested and excited about the opportunity to continue to offer many of you the ability to sell travel through our company. We are not interested in you trying to sell non-travel products or recruiting for recruiting’s sake. We want only to help you sell as much travel as you would like while making money and enjoying the benefits that the travel experience brings. 
First Travel Alliance is pleased to remind you that you can be a First Travel Alliance agent without paying any upfront fee or the $49.95 monthly fee. Why worry about “3 and Free” when you can be a First Travel Alliance agent for $19.95 per month and the first 3 months are free. That is -- not paying an upfront fee that goes to marketing and then a large monthly amount to pay down-lines. It is also not selling time share memberships and travel certificates that create the “SIZZLE” used previously and suggested time and time again by YTB. 
For those who are interested in selling travel, let’s get going!!! 
It is time to truly “HAVE FUN AND MAKE MONEY” 
If you are currently an Independent Contractor/ Out Side Sales Agent, you have signed your agreement and you are currently booking under the First Travel Alliance CLIA and ARC numbers. We will be sending you additional information for building your profiles.
For those of you who have not signed up, we can get you set up quickly with a 3 step process.
Step 1. – Send an email to Registrations@FTA-Vacations.com requesting to become a First Travel Alliance Agent.
Step 2. - We will send you the Independent Contractor agreement.
Step 3. – Sign and return the agreement to the address on the email.
That is it… 
Once approved, you can use the First Travel Alliance CLIA and ARC numbers when booking travel direct with all of our vendors. You will book as First Travel Alliance Agents and receive the commission rates that you have for the past year. Again, your commissions will be paid directly by First Travel Alliance, as explained above.
The First Travel Alliance executive team is proud that we have continued to provide our members the highest level of quality and the best vendors in the industry for you to completely support your clients. 
Now, let’s everyone do what we do best *** HAVE FUN AND MAKE MONEY ***
If you have any questions or comments, we invite you to contact your First Travel Alliance support team at _314-830-4900_. We invite you to join us and look forward to answering any questions you may have. We also invite you to join the Friends of First Travel Alliance Facebook group.

Apr 17, 2013

YTB Rolls The Dice With DIP Loan

In a SEC filing today, YTB advised that they have found a lender (Jamravel) willing to lend then $420,000 to cover operating expenses while they try to re-organize under bankruptcy.

The loan is secured by a"first priority security interest and lien on all of YTB’s assets."  According to the latest valuation, YTB has a Market Cap of $969K.  The loan must be repaid with 9% interest by June 14, 2013. 

YTB is no stranger to short term loans with "loan shark" interest rates. They gambled and lost several times with that tactic.  

It boggles the mind that YTB is creating so many millionaires and is such a great product, that they are in bankruptcy and cannot obtain competitive interest rates.

It is unknown if the lender, Jamravel, has any relation to YTB or any of the former executives or directors.

Apr 4, 2013

YTB Splits From First Travel Alliance, Will Issue Travel ID Cards Again

There is never a shortage of surprises with YTB.  In late 2011, they sold their assets to Sixth Scott dba First Travel Alliance with promises of getting back in the good graces of Royal Caribbean and the other vendors who refused to work with YTB due to their marketing tactics.

This morning, YTB announced that the 1+ year long deal with First Travel Alliance is no longer going forward and they are relying on Travelocity to handle what looks to be 100% of their fulfillment.

One can only speculate what happened to the deal, but a source close to the company said that there were several undisclosed liabilities and that yet another lawsuit against YTB would be forthcoming.

In the announcement this morning sent out by President and CEO Andy Cauthen, the bankrupt YTB announced that it was reverting back to the very marketing tactics that got them in trouble with the Attorneys Generals in California and Illinois--the issuance of a Travel Agent ID card.

Interestingly enough, Cauthen states that the "Home Office Team and the Founders" are dedicated to the new changes.  The founders have all left the company. Kim Sorenson died a little more than a year ago, Lloyd "Coach" Tomer was forced to leave by the Board after the California and Illinois lawsuits, and most recently Scott Tomer resigned from the company.  From the tone of the announcement, it seems like they may be re-entering the business.

YTB is currently operating in bankruptcy with more than $7 million of debt. They have not filed any SEC reports since the middle of 2011 and have issued a statement that the reports that were filed in 2011 are substantially inaccurate.

Below is the email sent out by Andy Cauthen:

YTB Plans and Horizons
"The best way to predict the future is to create it."  ~ Abraham Lincoln

On March 1st -- just a month ago -- we announced that YTB filed for Chapter 11 reorganization. This proceeding will give YTB an opportunity to reorganize our business and direct our focus on new plans and horizons.

Our commitment is to the travel business. YTB has developed and marketed, and will continue to improve the best home-based business available anywhere -- an on-line travel business for independent RTAs. Over the years, the YTB Travel Network has sold over $2 billion in travel, and YTB was ranked for many years among the top 50 travel agencies in the nation.

Today we are bringing the travel business back into YTB’s house. The reorganization process we are going through allows us to reassess our business relationships. In the course of that analysis and after much consideration and planning, it has been decided to move away from the FTA affiliation and place all travel services, support, and vendor relationships back to YTB.

We view this change as a positive and very exciting move for YTB. It will not be without some adjustment as we go through website modifications, vendor relationships, and staffing.
There will be some patience required on your part, but it will be worth it. We thank you in advance.

Travelocity. We are in a great place with the World Choice Division of Travelocity. They will be providing our travel inventory for air, car rental, hotels, and travel packages. We are affiliated with Travelocity in Canada now, and they are now our travel partner for the US starting today. Their global business team will be in Las Vegas with us next week to make the announcement.

Upgrades to Travel Booking Engine. New logos, graphics and functionality.

We are Travel! Our primary focus is on travel and vendor relationships.

Technology and Communications. To serve you and your customers.

Business Cards. And... new YTB Travel business cards are available for you now in your Back Office with VistaPrint.

Coming SOON:
Training and Certification. Enhanced training and certification programs are in the works. CRTA was a huge success, and we are working to bring back a new and
improved version.

US and Canadian Travel Events. Funshine Travel Trade Shows.

Travel ID Card. We’ll be reintroducing an improved YTB Referring Travel Agent
Photo ID Card program.

YTB Travel Webcast. We will be focused on producing a monthly YTB Travel Webcast featuring specific vendors and booking engine content.

Customizing Your Website. We want you to have the opportunity to customize your website with your selection of colors, photo, phone number, as well as a giving you the opportunity have your booking engine focus on your favorite niche market.

Welcome Packet. To get you started on the right track we will begin planning a Welcome Packet similar to the YTB Tool Box. It will give you a “first things first” approach and be delivered to you electronically. It will include a travel sales cycle, training overview, overview of your YTB website, discussion of the world of travel, how to travel like a pro, and much more.
Our primary objective is to provide the most up-to-date,
relevant, competitive and profitable Internet-based travel
business to be found anywhere!
I would like to close by reiterating the excitement and confidence that we feel as we look toward YTB’s future.

Your entire Home Office Team and the Founders are dedicated to growing this travel business with you. We will emerge a stronger, more competitive company that is well positioned for enhanced opportunities.

Thank you for everything you do for YTB.

Andrew Cauthen
President & CEO

NOTE: Today at 10:00 AM (Central) your website will be undergoing maintenance for about 20 minutes or so.